Saturday, September 06, 2014

Jimi or Jesus

At the post office just now Genevieve ran up to this stamp picture and shouted "Jesus singin." We obviously have some work to do. Lol. 

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Ava's really into photo bombing

Right now. This was supposed to be a picture of GG and Charlie in their raincoats. Lol. 

And of course, what big sister does, little sister does...........

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Easter is for baptism

Our nephew Tag was getting baptized the Saturday before Easter so the girls and mom headed up to Oklahoma to celebrate with him. It is always fun to see family. Rob was still at his trial in California and was sad to miss it. Earlier that week we made sure to get some eggs dyed. After dying them, we realized that they were only very softly boiled and were expired so my friend LE let the kids throw them at her fence which of course was followed by spraying down the fence with the hose. They loved all of it. 

Quick egg hunt at MeMaw and Papas before the baptism

See my eggs!

Riding in the tractor with papa

The girls with Aunt Lauri and Tag

Marathon kids

Ava completes her 26.2 miles this school year and got to go to the completion celebration of marathon kids. Rob was out of town so I took the other girls too and it was fun to get to cheer Ava on as she ran her final lap. 
Representing Hunt Elementary

Waiting for her turn to run

Running with Coach Thomas as her buddy

Genevieve and Charlotte hanging out waiting. 

What in the world is that?